About Us

We, Katelyn and Karly, are two sisters from Dundas Ontario. Since we were young, we have always wanted to help animals. Every time we would come across an animal in need, we (to our parents disliking) would try to keep it. No one was ever surprised when they found out we had a new pet. We’ve wanted to start our own animal rescue since before we can remember. Over the past few years we have really started to dedicate a lot of our time to educating ourselves on anything that has to do with animals. This has caused us to develop very high standards when it comes to animal care. Our own animals are our lives and we could never imagine them living in some of the conditions so many animals are forced to. We work endlessly to ensure that, throughout their whole lives, our animals have only the best care no matter the amount of work it takes. Our animals have inspired us to try to help as many animals as possible so they can experience that same love and dedication ours do. Each one our animals are different but we love them all the same. We always like to joke that we took in the misfits, as each one has their own quirks and are far from perfect. In the end we wouldn’t trade them for the world. Like all animals they test our patience, and keep us humble. Each time we think we have them figured out they challenge us in a new way. The one thing we love most about our pets is their unconditional love and the fact that they NEVER judge. How amazing the world would be if we all took a page out of their book. We are dedicating this rescue to “our girls” because without them we would never have experienced the love that makes us want to help so many others out there. Animals live such short lives so it is even more important to give them the best we can. To us, every animal deserves that.

Meet “The Girls”

We lost Kali October 15th 2019. Kali aka “K Bear” was 9 years old and suffered from DM (degenerative myelopathy) She was diagnosed when she was 7 years old. For those of you who do not know what DM it is a progressive disease of the spinal cord in older dogs (Commonly Shepherds and Boxers). The disease has an insidious onset typically between 8 and 14 years of age. It begins with a loss of coordination (ataxia) in the hind limbs. The affected dog will wobble when walking, knuckle over or drag the feet. She is was the point where she requires a wheelchair as she lost complete use of her hind legs. We are unbelievably grateful for the time we had with her. Our rescue is dedicated to her. She is the outline of the dog in our logo so she will always be apart of what we do. We hope to find all our animals forever homes that will do everything they can to ensure their pets live long and happy lives.

Koda aka “Poopa” is 7, and our little free spirit. Her favourite things include the chuck it… the chuck it… and the chuck it. She’s always been a sweet loving girl with a great demeanour.. Her and Kali have the same parents but are from a different litter. She’s our super sucky girl who doesn’t have much fear of anything aside from thunder, where you can always find her hiding in the bathroom.

Kiah aka “Yam” is 4 and a very special girl. When we first got her she was TERRIFIED of everything. We couldn’t even get her out of the front door without her whipping around in fear. Any sort of sound would send her into a panic. She would walk 10 ft away from all cars, and it was difficult to take her for any longer than a 10 minute walk. She has come an extremely long way from when we first got her. We are so happy we decided to get her because we know if she ended up in the wrong home it wouldn’t have been a good ending for her. We know she will never be a confident dog we can bring everywhere but thats okay.

Scar aka “Stink” is 2.5 years old. She’s the trouble maker of the group. She’s always wanting to be involved in everything the other girls are up to. Her favourite sibling is Kali. She is always so gentle with her and the only one she will try to get close enough to snuggle with. Scar has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and suffered from a cruciate tear which she recently received surgery on. She has recovered wonderfully thanks to our amazing rehab vet Danielle Anderson at Southern Ontario Animal Rehabilitation in Burlington.

Ari aka “Noody” is 2 and an island rescue. She is always being a bug trying to get attention from anyone of the dogs, mainly kiah. She LOVES to run as fast as she can, and does it effortlessly as the other girls struggle to keep up. She has the funniest expression and is always doing something so strange that keeps us laughing. She’s the sweetest, snuggliest girl and we couldn’t imagine not having her!

Remi aka “Rue” is 1 year old and an island rescue. She is the strangest looking but cutest little dog. We have multiple theories of what she looks like, the main ones being a lemur or gremlin. She’s the baby dog and the smallest we have. She is such a little rockstar with training mainly do to that fact that she will do ANYTHING for food, especially chicken. Remi and Ari can always be found off together being anti social eating grass while the rest of the girls enjoy a game of chuck it.

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