Spay and Neutering

Why is it so important to spay and neuter your pet?

SPAYING AND NEUTERING your pets is so important. We require that all potential adopters have their animals altered (spayed or neutered). The reason being, we have so many homeless animals because “accidents” happen, or people feel like they “can’t” do that to their pet. This is a worldwide dilemma we as a rescue are trying to resolve and we cannot risk our rescue animals contributing to the issue. Since most of our pets are rescues, we are usually unsure of their true birthdate. Sometimes they can be malnourished and are actually older than we have predicted. This means they could reach sexual maturity before we think they will. If you have an intact animal at home of the opposite sex, you know exactly what will happen. One female dog can produce 2 litters of 6-10 puppies a year. This means one intact female and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years. Its estimated that 80% of these dogs will be euthanized in shelters. If one female cat had on average 2.8 kittens per litter, they would create over 11,606,077 kittens within 9 years. I’m sure you can only imagine the number for rabbits…. Did you know spaying and neutering your pets can actually decrease their chances of getting certain cancers by 100%? It can also help with behavioural issues, like aggression. Your animal does not have the ability to know they have “lost their man hood” or to know they “one day want children of their own.” Animals do not understand that doing a certain (natural to them) action will in turn produce offspring. It is irresponsible as an animal owner to not spay or neuter your pets. Not only can it affect your own animal, but other animals as well. We believe all animals should be spayed or neutered by 6 months and we will not (other than for obvious health reasons) postpone a spay or neuter.

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