Meet The Team

We are a small team of animal lovers who are determined to make a difference. Our goal is to not only find you the perfect match, but the animal’s perfect match too! Our team will be there to give you the basic knowledge needed to ensure every adoption is successful on both ends. We are very involved in each aspect of every adoption and everyone at Salty Animal Rescue goes above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Kate Saltarski


Kate Saltarski is a co-founder of Salty Animal Rescue. She is passionate, driven, and has experience working with animals in need. She is constantly trying to learn better ways to advocate for animals. Opening an animal rescue is an idea that’s been toyed with for awhile, and finally its one they have made happen. Working with animals is something she feels truly fulfills her. Her favourite thing to do is get out on an adventure with her dogs, and feels the most joy when she’s with them and nature. She has completed a dog training shadowing program with Nicole from the Structured Canine. She is a fur mama to her two dogs Scarlett, and Remi, her bunny Ebony.

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Karly Saltarski


Karly is the other co-founder of Salty Animal Rescue. This girl has always dreamed of some how working with animals, and now that dream is finally becoming a reality. Nothing could stop her indestructible passion, not even her first attempt to work with animals by applying at our local veterinary’s office at the age of 8, and being rejected for being too young… Her life revolves around her animals, and they have always come first to her. To say these animals help her on a daily basis would be an understatement. She understands the importance animals bring to the well being of our lives. She hopes for you to experience that too. She is a fur mama to her dogs Kali, Koda, Kiah and Ari, and Cat Dopey.

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Intake Coordinator

Julia has always been a motivated individual. From excelling in sports in high school, to excelling in her personal life with a job and beautiful home. We are so happy to have Julia be apart of our team. Julia will be helping us manage animal overpopulation within Ontario. She will be in charge of a central area where we have seen animal welfare struggle. Those who are seeking help with their current animals from within that area will be able to reach out to her on a voluntary basis. We know this is an area in which Julia will again excel!

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Adoptions Promoter

Shelby has been with us since the beginning. By time we are done typing out what her task is for the day, we check first because we always know she’s already done it. She helps us advertise animals we have for adoption on Petfinder, Kijiji, shares ALL our posts, and spread the word about our rescue like wild fire. She also helps respond to all our social media comments so we can stay on track with answering any questions you may have. We are so so lucky to have her be apart of our team!


Post Adoptions

Callie keeps track of all our admin work in regards to post adoptions. Once an animal is adopted, it doesn’t mean we want to loose all contact with adopters. We will still send you reminders of when they are due for vaccinations, preventions, spays/ neuters or just checking up after a scheduled vet appointment! Callie has done a great job so far with keeping organized and we are super grateful for her!

Steph & JJ

Vet Release Coordinators

Steph and JJ started out as just huge supports. They came to every event we hosted, then we thought.. we need to somehow work with amazing people like this! So we asked if they would be interesting in volunteering with us, and they said YES! These guys have been on the ball from day one. They organize all our emails to our partnered vets to let them know which animals have been adopted, and also help us input adoption agreements into our filing system. They have been a tremendous help!


Money Record Admin

Rachel helps us with inputting all our expenses into our filing system. She helps us keep records of all the money coming in and out. She’s always ontop of this no matter the 50 receipts we send her to input She has been extremely organized and is always so happy to help, no matter what task we add for her. This is seriously such a huge help to us!


Events coordinator/ Foster

Sarah is constantly coming up with new ways to help us raise money for the rescue. She is very motivated, and hard working. She always attempts her best at getting karly and I to relax, by asking what else she can help with. We also have now suckered her into fostering kittens for us, which she does an incredible job with. This girl is a big time animal lover, and a genuinely kind human being. We are so happy to have her be apart of the team.


Events coordinator

Megan has been with us since the get- go! She is as sweet as she looks and is always being so generous looking for ways she can be of help. Megan comes up with many creative ideas and she also is a great team player! Megan is always so supportive of us, sharing every single post, and always having our backs when we have harder days. We are so thankful for her!


Donations/Merch coordinator

Tammy is always going above and beyond. She’s always taking up so much of her free time to drop/ pick up merch/ donations from our supporters. She does it all sneakily without us knowing! She is a full time nurse and we honestly don’t know how she finds the time! She always is so organized, and helpful. She also helps out with a ton of our events too. She’s a one woman show and we appreciate every little bit of her!!

Want to Volunteer with us?

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