Adoption Process

Each adoption starts out with you filling out an application on our website. There you will be asked specific questions that will allow us to see if there is a possibility that the animal you are applying for (or a different animal) could succeed in your home. If we do believe you are the right fit for a certain animal, we will then call you for a phone interview. There we will go over your application questions, our expectations, as well as any questions you may have for us. From there, we may ask you to provide some further information that will help us decide as a team if you are the best family for any of the animals in our care. We do have certain policies put in place and unfortunately not every family will be a perfect match for every one of our animals. Sometimes there may be more than one application for a single animal. In that case, we decide who we feel would be the best match for that pet. If you aren’t chosen for that specific pet, it doesn’t always mean you wouldn’t be approved for a different Salty Animal Adoptable! Although you have the option to apply for a specific animal, it is in both the animal’s best interest and yours, to match you with the perfect pet. As a rescue, successful adoptions are our top priority. We are responsible for these animals throughout their lifetime, not just while they are in our care. Making sure the right animal goes to the right home is one of the most important decisions we make. We never want to make anyone feel bad, but if we do end up agreeing that a specific pet may not be a good fit for you, we will not proceed with the adoption and hope you will understand. 

If you have been approved for an animal you will receive an approval email within 1 week of your phone interview and us receiving any further information required. The email will contain step by step instructions on what needs to be done next. It will also contain a thorough information booklet that is mandatory for every adopter to read as well as your adoption agreement. We will then add you to a social media group chat (if you have it) or we can communicate through email. From there once you have completed all that we have deemed necessary in your approval email, we can set up a time, day and location where you can receive your new family member! Once you have received the adoption approval you will have 72 hours to arrange pick up from the foster family, unless arranged otherwise through Salty Animal Rescue. We would hate to deny another family the approval of an animal if you weren’t ready to take it for another month, and they were ready the next day. 

If you are interested in a meet and greet with one of our adoptable animals, you must be approved to adopt beforehand so we know you are serious and that there is a chance you would be the right fit for that animal.

Post Adoption

Once you have received the animal, we will keep in contact with you to make sure all the mandatory post adoption requirements have been met and of course to be able to see our rescues happy faces in their new homes. One of our post adoption requirements is for you to take your new animal to the vet within that first week of having them. Yes, we will have done all mandatory vet care while they are with us but when it comes to their health, we need to make sure they have the best start to their new life. The day your animal comes home will most likely be very stressful for them. Prepare a little area where they can feel comfortable and safe. Try to plan a calm night and avoid any visits from friends or family until the animal is more comfortable. If you have children in the home please try to let them know they must be calm and gentle with their new family member, for those first few days. If there are other animals in the home please slowly introduce them to each other. Do not allow either animal to rush into the encounter and do not force any interactions. It may be hard at first for your other animals to adjust to the new addition but soon enough they won’t remember what it was like without them. Do not be offended if your new family member does not immediately jump into your arms smothering you with kisses. Everything is new to them and they will need time to adjust to being in their new surroundings. With rescues especially, patience is key! 

Just because you have successfully adopted the animal doesn’t mean you’re rid of us just yet! We will send you regular emails to remind you of certain preventions the animal may be due for as well as getting proof of your animal being spayed or neutered if it was not done while in our care. Throughout the rest of your adopted animal’s life we would love to stay in touch. Tagging us in or sending photos would mean the world to us! Seeing them in their new homes makes all our hard work so worth it!

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