It may be surprising to hear but rabbits are still social animals. They require lots of attention, effort and money too. It’s believed that they are an easy animal that can just stay in their 2 x 4’ cage their whole life. This is a major misconception.

Rabbits should never be stuck in a cage 24/7. They need space to roam and stretch their legs. Setting up a small pen that that rabbit cannot escape from, while having their cage inside it with the cage door open, allows the animal to freely choose where they want to be, while still keeping them safe. The rabbit’s area should always be on a soft surface like carpet. Hard surfaces can cause them to slip and can lead to sores on their feet. Always make sure there are towels, carpets or blankets in the areas you choose to let them be in. They should never be left in a cold area as they can develop colds easily. Bunnies may think your baseboards or wires are a yummy treat so it is important that those things are blocked off from them. We believe domesticated rabbits should never just be left alone outside in a hutch. Can you imagine being stuck outside in a tiny box during the cold Canadian winter?

Yes, Rabbit’s poop a lot as they are grazing animals so they are constantly eating, because of this their cages must be cleaned out regularly. There are ways you can train them to use litter boxes but it requires you to stay on top of cleaning. 

Rabbits need their nails trimmed weekly, otherwise they can become overgrown and curl. This can result in pain for the animal. They also need hard things to chew on like sticks, hay, and salt blocks to help keep their teeth a healthy length. 70% of a rabbit’s diet be should be hay, 10% pellets, and 20% fresh veggies and fruits. Please do your research on what fruits and veggies are appropriate to give them.

Rabbits don’t require vaccinations but they should still be seen by a vet. Vet’s will check their heart rate, overall appearance and feel for any abnormalities. Rabbits need to be spayed or neutered as they have one of the highest conception rates of all mammals. Many of them are wrongly sexed and then placed in a cage together. Soon enough you realize the two girl bunnies you thought you had now have babies. If a rabbit is not neutered males will spray and mark and it’s not a pleasant scent. Females who are not spayed can also be prone to certain cancers. Spaying/neutering a bunny and their care in general can become quite pricey over time. Please remember that before getting one as a pet.
Rabbits are NOT an appropriate Easter gift and we will not adopt out any rabbits during that time. We also do not recommend rabbits as pets for small children. They scare easily and are very fragile. This means they need to be handled properly. Please do not get a rabbit if your intentions are to use it as a toy for a child or to teach them how to be responsible.

Domesticated rabbits should NEVER be “set free” in the wild. They have no ability to fend for themselves and in doing so you are basically ending the animal’s life. It’s like letting a dog out into the wild because they were at one point descendants of wolves. 

We do rescue various other small animals and if you do adopt one we will provide you with a detailed booklet containing all you need to know about caring for that specific animal!

Peanut and Ebony
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