We are a registered non for profit rescue Cooperation number: 1160651-4

As a nonprofit we rely solely on the generous donations made by our supporters. We receive no grants or funding of any kind. We wish it wasn’t the way things worked, but to rescue and properly care for all the helpless animals out there, we need donations. When you donate to Salty Animal Rescue you help provide care, protection, shelter, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, lifesaving medical treatments and so much more. We have big goals like; educational presentations for schools, free spay and neuter clinics for strays/low income families, large intakes from locations affected by natural disasters, and one day our dream is to have our own sanctuary with every rescue animal you could think of! To meet these goals, we need help from people like you!

We are so grateful for anything you can donate. It truly helps us save so many lives. A few ways you can donate are:

Monetary donations which can be sent through E-transfer or Paypal to 

Physical donations such as supplies (leashes, food, collars, beds, crates, old blankets or towels etc) or items we can use as prizes for raffles or silent auctions at our fundraisers/events are so helpful! If you have physical items you hope to donate please email to arrange a way to get them to one of our volunteers. 

Fundraise! Go to our Events and Fundraising page to see some ways you can do your own fundraising for Salty Animal Rescue. A few ideas for fundraising are: collecting donations instead of gifts at your wedding, having people donate instead of buying you birthday presents, having a bake sale or lemonade stand. There are so many fun ideas!

If you have any further questions you can email us at

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