Salty Adoptable Animals

Here are our animals that are available for adoption! Please make sure you read our sections about Dogs, Cats, or Rabbits before you apply for an animal. Theses pets are a lifetime commitment.

Meet Chance!

Chance is a special kitty. He was born with a defect in his spine which causes him to not have control over his bladder. Chance is a VERY sweet and social kitten, however he require a special family. He will need a home that is able to help him express his bladder regularly and not be upset with him for when he has accidents and requires a bath. Chance would probably benefit from been seen for rehab regularly, and staying on a medication that helps to keep him relaxed. Chance will be more prone to UTI’s throughout his life time as a result of the incontinence. We are looking for a family that is home more so than not, and has the time to spend with this sweet guy.

Meet Mackerel

This is Guppie and Minnows mom. We do believe she is roughly 2-3 years of age. She was very unsure of human affection at first but now she LOVES head scratches. Mackerel is an amazing mom. She is very sweet when its feeding time and will rub up against your legs. Mackerel does do well with her own babies but we are unsure of how she might be with another cat. We also do not believe that she would be tolerate of a dog in the household. She definitely is a confident cat that knows what she does and doesn’t like. Mackerel is a very beautiful cat who is looking for a place to call her own!

Meet Skittles!

Skittles came from a home where the dogs chased her around. As a result she did not enjoy her life as much as she should have while there. Skittles is roughly 6 years old and is a VERY affectionate cat. She loves to lounge around, and lay on her back to stretch out. She is a little over weight so her food needs to be monitored. Skittles does not enjoy the presence of other animals and really would do best as the only animal in the home. If you feel she’s the right fit for you apply for her now!

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