Post Adoption

I’ve successfully Adopted with Salty Animal Rescue.. Now what?

Salty Animal Rescue will always be here for support post adoption. We love to receive updates about how our previous animals are succeeding in your home.
We will be sure to give you all your animals vet records of what they received in our care so that you know when they are due next.

We will be following up with any further vet care they require (ex, a spay and neuter, prevention, next set of vaccinations.)

How to introduce your new pet to the household.
Dogs. Stop feeling sorry for your dogs past. What dogs need in order to be successful in your home is structure and boundaries from day one. Just because they are home doesn’t mean it should be a free for all party, and the dog gets to come and disrupt your current dogs home.
1. Before bringing the new dog into the house, take them for a walk together. You should start by one walking infront of the other. Slowly walk up behind and let them sniff the bum of the other. Then switch.. bring the new dog infront of your current dog, and repeat. When you’ve been walking for awhile you can start walking beside each other. It’s a polite and unthreatening way for them to meet. It should be a STRUCTURED walk.
2. Introduce them to the crate. Your current dog might be great with other dogs, but how are they when they are in the house stealing all their toys, laying on their beds, receiving all the attention they use to get? Things happen within a blink of an eye if you can’t supervise and watch for signs that show your dogs are uncomfortable. Getting your new dog use to the crate right away is going to help you ensure that no fights will break out between the two dogs if they decide they both want that nice bone, or if one wants to play and the other doesn’t. They need to learn how to co-exist with each other and respect each others space before they should ever be left alone together.
3. Make sure to train your dogs separately! This is HUGE especially if you decide you want to take on the responsibility of adopting two pups at once. Take them out for walks separately on occasion, so they are not spending every single second together. Having them do everything together creates reliability and separation anxiety from one another.

Cats. Make sure your cat has a nice getaway like a climbing tower, or a bed up high incase they are feeling overwhelmed if you have another animal like a dog. Cat’s like specific areas for themselves, so it will be more comfortable knowing they have these areas to go to. If you have a dog make sure they learn chasing the cat is not an appropriate behaviour.. sometimes accidents happen when your dog decide it wants to play with the new kitten or cat.

Small Animals. You need to be very careful introducing small animals to your household especially if you have another animal. Small animals should never be left alone with a dog or cat as excitement can happen and it won’t take much for these little guys to have a bad experience. Have them in their cages, and let you current animal check them out. If you see they are getting too intense, remove them, and try again when they are in a calmer state of mind.

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