Things To Consider

Are you thinking about adopting a new family member? Before you get any animal, please make sure you do as much research as possible. Animals are living beings and require a lot of time, work, effort, and money. Some people are not aware of how much animals need throughout their lifetime. Remember they aren’t cute babies for long, some animals can live up to 16 years. Soon enough they will be old and grey and need even more care than they ever did before. You need to be certain you are ready to make this huge commitment for the animal’s WHOLE life

We know a lot of individuals think getting an animal will help teach their children responsibilities. These are live animals that need specific care and children can not be relied upon to properly do it. Kids also grow up and eventually leave home. There are many ways to teach your children responsibilities but getting an animal is not one of them.

Do you have enough time? Dogs especially are very social animals and need quality time with their human family. They also require daily exercise, some more than others. Can you prioritize a certain amount of time out of your day to spend training, grooming, exercising, and cleaning up after your pet? Will you have the time and ability to take your animal to the vet when they aren’t feeling well? If you are a busy family with kid’s soccer practice, swimming lessons, gymnastics etc. will you be able to prioritize the animal over these things?

Do you have someone reliable to help you for days you are stuck at work? Again, research dog walkers or pet sitters before even getting the animal. Talk with family members and make sure they would be willing to help you with the animal if ever needed. Then if you ever end up having a long day, or go on weekend getaway, you know the animal will be looked after.

Does your current dog have behavioural issues? Are they reactive, fear aggressive, excessively bark, has resource guarding issues? Make sure you dedicate your time to helping your current animal become successful and more balanced before you add another dog into the house. Your new dog will more than likely start copying the behaviours of your current dog. It’s important than if your current dog is struggling, you give them all the resources they need to be successful and adding another dog to the mix isn’t the answer.

Health care is one of the most expensive parts of having an animal. It is very rare for an animal to not have at least one health issue throughout their lifetime. Conditions like hip dysplasia and kidney disease are very common and very expensive. If your pet requires a surgery are you financially secure enough to afford $5000 up front? Many animals can develop lifelong conditions which costs thousands in medication and treatments required to increase their quality of life. If your animal does develop something like hip dysplasia, it requires both hips to be replaced and can cost $12,000-$14,000. We are so naive to the costs of these medical treatments, testing and procedures because as Canadians, we have free health care. Do not be shocked by your vet bill, prepare in advance. We always suggest especially if you are a first time animal owner, to contact vet offices and/or pet insurance companies to see if an animal will fit into your budget. Pet insurance may not be for everyone but we highly recommend it. We also suggest you do research on the other costs that come with an animal like training classes, high quality food, grooming, crates/cages, bedding and toys etc. All animals deserve to be cared for properly and it is extremely important that you are financially able to give them anything they may need throughout their entire life.

If you have any further questions before you apply to adopt feel free to email us!

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