Meet our trusted vets! At Salty Animal Rescue we trust the care of our animals at Dundas Animal Hospital. We have used them for our own personal pets for over 10 years. We always trust the care and guidance they provide for us and our animals. Shawn has displayed extreme generosity when working with our rescue which we will be forever grateful for!

Dundas Animal Hospital
115 King Street West
Dundas, Ontario
L9H 1V1
Phone: (905)-628-6821

Meet our trusted Rehab Vet! Dr. Anderson from Southern Ontario Animal Rehabilitation Centre is extremely knowledgeable. We have trusted her techniques with our own animals and have seen nothing but outstanding results. Dr. Anderson and her staff are always a pleasure to work with and truly love what they do.

SOAR Veterinary Services
850 Legion Rd, Unit 5
Burlington, ON L7S1T5

The Ridge Kennel’s

This loving couple is who we trust when it comes to boarding dogs. They will be opening up their boarding facility this coming year, but for now your dog gets to board in their home, and receive all the love they need! They have also become a dependable foster and we trust them with any Salty Animal!

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